advantages of school bus


Many schools presently own school buses in Lagos, and other states in Nigeria. Riding the school bus is the safest mode of transportation for students going to and coming from the school. Studies show that students are apparently 50 times more likely to arrive in school alive by taking the bus rather than driving by…

education support from access bank

Access Bank School Expansion Funding Programme

This segment of Access Bank Business Banking Division provides funding to the owners of schools for expansion and the acquisition of assets. Offerings Payroll Management – Cash management services which include disbursements, collections and remittances transaction services, business current account, and domiciliary accounts Lending – Overdrafts, term loans for facility upgrades, Asset finance (Auto Online), guarantees,…

paying school fees in nigeria

GTBank School Fees Advance

School Fees Advance is a time loan advanced to parents/guardians strictly for the payment of their children’s/wards – school fees to schools/institutions in Nigeria only. School Fees Advance is offered to individuals in the employment of public and reputable private organizations whose salaries are domiciled with GTBank plc. Features Facility Amount: N 50, 000.00 (Minimum)…

School web designers in Lagos

10 Essential Features of a school Website

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