A very effective way of publicizing your school to your target in Nigeria is through digital media. This is because Nigerians like the West have gone digital. Taking a school into the future requires an effective digital marketing approach. From social media to advertising and content development, online strategy is crucial.

Our approach allows us to create unique campaigns that run across digital media platforms. We drive interest and leads with powerful digital advertising strategies. There is always a place for the more traditional advertising and marketing strategies. Our expertise extends beyond simple advertising to SEO, Social Media Management and Email Marketing campaigns which are very essential to reaching a large audience.

facebook engagement for Parents and Teachers
search in engine visibility for private schools in Lagos


Here’s the reality: when families are deciding which private schools to send their children to in Nigeria, their search is bound to start on Google. If your school cannot be easily found on that first page of search results, then you’re going to be invisible to countless parents and loosing out big time. Alternatively, to be on top of search results mean higher application and enrolment rates.

SchoolTrend is a tailor made solution that helps schools drive traffic to their websites through Search Engines. Search Engines Optimization (SEO) is an incredible powerful medium of reaching the right people that are interested in your school. SEO is the process of improving your website’s ranking and visibility in search engines for certain keywords that are related to your school.


Social media for Schools

Students, parents, teachers and even pastors are motivated by effective communication. Social Media is a vital tool your school can use to communicate and network within your local and wider community. Our social media for school team run successful, creative and inspiring campaigns increasing your schools online presence. Embrace social media as it is the primary way that young people, parents and your local community communicate.

Use social media to:

  • Promote your school facilities
  • Share videos
  • Promote academic success
  • Tweet calendar events or last minute cancellations
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