schl photography

High quality school photography makes a big difference to the impact of your school prospectus, website or banner displays. Eloquent Visuals is an arm of Eloquent Touch Media that consist of some of the best photographers in Nigeria. We believe the key to successful school photography comes from the quality of the pictures, but also the meaning behind them.
Having professional photography and video on your website, prospectus and other marketing materials can make all the difference in communicating your school’s message. Similarly, there is no better way of giving pupils and prospective parents an insight into the school’s facilities than a full size 360 degree virtual tour, which will bring your school to life online.
Our school photography experts capture your school’s spirit from beautiful school grounds to happy students. Our photography for schools services provide imaginative and inspirational images which will set you apart from local schools.
Our professional style gives your marketing materials an impact that speaks louder than words and captures your school’s spirit.