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Superior School Web Design

A school’s website is fast becoming an integral tool for teachers, parents and pupils alike in Nigeria and other parts of the globe. The need to publish information and manage content online are big challenges facing school organisations today on the internet. We propose to fix that with effective school web design. With our websites you get a fully responsive (works on iPhones, tablets etc.) school website that reflects the values of your school.

Below are some of the features of your school website design

  1. Integrates layout, logos, and custom graphics seamlessly into a single digital platform
  2. Easy to customize and maintain without sacrificing quality
  3. Looks great regardless of whether visitors view it on a computer, tablet, or mobile device
school web designer lagos
pay school fees online

A Powerful E-commerce Solution

Our e-commerce platform provides parents with the ability to make admissions and registration deposits as well as fees, not to mention a whole host of ad-hoc payments that need collecting from uniform to photos, tickets to merchandise, trips to the hiring out of facilities by enterprises. The same goes for alumni, with an abundance of events that require registration and subsequent payment.

  1. comprehensive mobile ready design,
  2. store management,
  3. customer login,
  4. One Page Checkout,
  5. product reviews, and more.

Best School Management System Software

Automate everything, Generate insightful reports, Make better & faster decisions

In today’s competitive environment, every school/college needs innovative solutions that easily integrate. They need flexible and efficient software that increases the institutions’ agility, optimizes productivity and can turn data into working information capital — all while lowering their total cost of ownership.

School Management Software is designed to facilitate the processing of reports are like student report cards, student Presence Data, Presence Data Employees and Student Savings. Features include

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